Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vegan Beerfest 2011 (via Vegangelical)

I thought about writing my own blog about our experience at the Vegan Beerfest 2011 but our friends over at Vegangelical beat us to it. Instead of me rehashing exactly what they said (in a much less entertaining way), I figure I would give them all the credit and give you a link to their blog. So, click here, click on the image below, read the post and subscribe to their blog!

Lovingly borrowed from the Vegangelicals

Even though the Vegangelicals basically covered it, I will say that we had a great time at the Vegan Beerfest this year.  There were great beers, amazing food trucks and fun music.  We will definitely be going back again next year.

Oh, and to dispel one myth...vegan beer does not taste different from non-vegan beer.  Budweiser is vegan so there.

- Clayton


  1. Vegan Beerfest 2011 + Eat, Run, Love = WIn

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