Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Disneyland Half Marathon 2011 - Part 2

Clayton and I had an amazing weekend at the Disneyland Half Marathon (our third half marathon). Our time was just under 1:55:00, 3 minutes better than half marathon #2 (Santa Barbara Wine Country), and 10 minutes better than our first half marathon, which was the Disney half last year!! Honestly it didn’t even feel like we were pushing ourselves harder than the other races. I think it’s because we both made a deliberate choice during our training to up our speed on the treadmill between long weekend runs and had gotten accustomed to a faster pace.

One of our favorite parts of the Disneyland race is the first aid after you finish. They wrap ice packs around your knees with saran wrap and it’s amazing. Even if your knees don’t hurt initially it helps with any pain that might come later. You keep them on for about 10-15 minutes while you walk around a little oddly! No such treatment at the SB half.  They changed up the route as well which we didn’t expect, but is nice considering all the people like us who repeat the race. I definitely see this as being a yearly event for us! You can see the actual pictures provided by Brightroom for me by clicking here and for Clayton by clicking here.

We were both decked out in our Lululemon gear. I was wearing my newest top and felt very good. Lucky for me they sell Lululemon apparel at the Sony gym at a generous discount as well as award Athletic Club dollars for treadmill miles and cardio minutes. After I reach 3000 cardio minutes I’ll have $75 to spend on Lululemon. They are the best fitting and cutest workout clothes ever. Expensive, but trust me once you try them on you’ll never go back.

It’s always a little sad after the race is done, though. All the weeks of training leading up to the big day and then it’s all over. Our next race was going to be the Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon (yes a full marathon) in June, but we started to think that we may want to fit in another half marathon before the year end which made me very excited. The one that makes the most sense would be the inaugural Rock 'n' Roll New Years Even Indian Wells/Palm Springs 1/2 Marathon on December 31st. The race actually starts at 10am (any earlier would be way too cold) which might be a fun change as the other races have had 6 and 7 am starts.

- Carly

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