Monday, July 18, 2011

Surviving Carmageddon

This past Saturday was a busy day of running but lets face it, mostly eating.  By doing all this local stuff we thought we'd be avoiding all the Carmageddon hoopla.

We started our day off with a 6 mile run which marked the official end of Disneyland Half Marathon training week 3.  I've started using the Nike+ GPS app that's I downloaded to my iPhone and it's pretty awesome.  I just strap my iPhone to my arm and run with the app activated and it keeps track of my distance, pace, run duration, elevation changes and even draws a map of the route I just ran.  It works on the treadmill too.  I'll try to figure out how to share that info to the blog.  Anyway, here is the map of the 6 miler:

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After our run, we cleaned up and headed over to the Playa Vista Farmers' Market.  We've been trying to visit more farmers' markets on the weekends so we can buy better produce (and eat delicious food from the street vendors).  We came home with some strawberries, tomatoes, white and yellow peaches and some flat breads and spreads.  I can't quite remember all the vendor names but it is a decent sized market and they had quite a few options for both produce and food.  We had some amazing BBQ there too for lunch.  Carly had a chicken sausage sandwich and I had a carne asada sandwich.

Later that day, we headed out to see Harry Potter 7: Part 2 in 3D which was excellent.  After the movie, we went next door to Rush St. in Culver City for a quick drink before dinner.  Rush St. is a Chicago style bar with great food and fair priced drinks. We didn't eat there this time but their burgers are worth the trip.

Carly enjoying her first martini
After our drinks we walked across the street to Fraiche.  They have 2 locations, one in Culver City and the other in Santa Monica.  We've both been to the Culver City location for lunch before but this was our first dinner trip.  We had a nice little Groupon discount as well so that helped get us over there finally.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera but here's what we had.
APPETIZER: Baby Beets Salad / House Made Ricotta / Orange / Crushed Pistachio
MAIN: Lamb Papardelle / Tomato / Olives / Shaved Goat Cheese
MAIN: Seafood Pasta / Clams / Shrimp / Black Mussels / Butter Sauce
DESSERT: Vanilla Creme Brulee / Lavender Cookies
Everything was fantastic.  I'm a sucker for anything beets or creme brulee so those were no-brainers.  Carly loves her lamb so another easy choice.  The seafood pasta was a special that night and I have a soft spot in my hear for clams and mussels.  I would definitely go back again...probably soon.

And that's how we survived Carmageddon...even though Carmageddon was a bust.

- Clayton

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  1. Urgh! Carmageddon was SUCH a bust! The show was so much slower than last year! Booo!!! But yay for your Nike GPS! I've been wanting to try that out to check out my jogs around our block... hehehe:)