Friday, November 18, 2011

New Addition to the EatRunLove Team

When we started this blog I thought I'd be able to avoid cat related posts but alas I could not resist. A few weeks ago we welcomed a new 4 month old kitten to our house. His name is Louie and he is a ball of boundless energy.

In a rare moment of stillness
In a not-so-rare moment of insanity
He definitely keeps us on our toes and he has been welcomed with open arms by our other cat, Sawyer.  Now, when I say open arms I really mean resentment, standoffishness, occasional hisses and general desire to be left along. I'm kidding of course, it has been a bit of a transition but I think that in a few weeks they will be wolfpack of two (or the two best friends that anyone could have if you will). As you can see, there are moments of hope for this relationship :)

Louie: "Let's play, let's play"
Sawyer: "Bite me"
Louie: "If you insist..."
Sawyer: "Hissssssssssssssss"
Serious posts coming soon including the end of our cleanse/diet/detox thing and our trip to New York! Till then...

- Clayton

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